light-hands.jpgThe month of August has been a time of transition and exciting opportunity.  On the personal side: Sarah has gone off to college (Columbus State University to be a nurse), Matthew has started 8th grade in a new school (Heirway Christian Academy) and Beth has returned to Speech Pathology on a full time basis.  Words cannot express how much their support means to me in this journey of faith.  I am truly a very blessed man.

On the ministry front, things are accelerating in Haralson County, GA.  For those of you that do not know, inLight Consulting, Inc. is a mission organization to the Body of Christ in America; and the LORD has provided Haralson County as the proving ground for our transformation model.  Earlier this year, He mysteriously connected us with a small group of adventurous Christians that desire to see Him get the glory for a miraculous work in their county, and beyond.  It has been a blessing to lead this group, now known as the Haralson County Transformation Core Team (HCTCT).  Their hearts are for His Kingdom, and not their own. 

During the last two months, the HCTCT has been focused on:

  • Honoring the keys to spiritual transformation (prayer, truth and unity) as we develop into a fellowship that can stand strong in the spiritual battles that await us.  We have been encouraged  in the LORD and edified by principles of the Kingdom; and we are discovering the LORD’s purpose, plan and power for the transformation.
  • Identifying and making plans for the Intercessors that the LORD has raised up.  One of the members of the HCTCT was led to begin praying for intercessors ten years ago.  Two years ago, she began seeing the fruits of her perseverance.  We are inviting those that we are aware of to a kick-off meeting of the Haralson County Intercessory Prayer Network.  There they will be encouraged and edified in their role for the spiritual transformation of the Body of Christ in their county and beyond.  Please be in prayer for that meeting (September 27th).
  • Developing and executing a Communication Strategy – to get the word out to the 130+ churches in Haralson County.  The LORD is opening doors in fellowships of many denominations.  There is a hunger for more of God.  We believe He is preparing many to sacrifice everything, to see His glory come.
  • Encouraging the Pastors, in their role as shepherds in the community transformation.

There is still much work to be done.  Knowing you are praying for us by name is an awesome encouragement (and only God is awesome).  With the HCTCT in motion, the LORD is leading me to move into other areas of His plan for the ministry.  Our outreach to Christian Leaders in the Marketplace will begin soon.  We are thankful that He is going before us.  For example, someone has volunteered to build a website for inLight Consulting.  Another has volunteered to develop our Logo. Both love the LORD and are professionals in these fields.

Lastly, we are identifying the ministry partners that will help with the transformation (e.g., training), investigating the government granting process, and stepping up our efforts in Douglas County.   

As you can see, there is much going on.  We appreciate the opportunity to put it all down.  Sometimes it feels like things are moving too slow.  Obviously, God has a master plan that is beyond our understanding.  We trust Him with it, and pray that He will find pleasure in our little part.

Dying with you for His glory,