7mountainslogo600w.jpgMy second year attending The Church in the Workplace Conference was much different than the last.  The title, “Reclaiming the Seven Mountains of Culture”, suggested that a change was coming, but I must say I was surprised at the magnitude of the shift in focus and format.  All things considered, the conference was a positive experience and great opportunity.  Your prayers for discernment and wisdom were definitely needed and effective.  Due to the large number of attendees and the lecture format of the sessions, our networking was limited.  However, the Lord arranged a number of encouraging connections and conversations.  The prophetic prayer ministry was also a wonderful blessing.

The teaching itself was interesting.  The keynote speaker (Dr. Lance Wallnau) presented the conferences thesis – that the Body of Christ has lost its rightful place of dominion over the “Seven Mountains of Culture”, and it was time for Marketplace Leaders to take them back (in every country of the world).  These seven mountains include Business, Arts and Entertainment, Religion, Media, Government, Education and Family.  While this sounds a lot like “Dominion Theology”, I did not discern any signs of the presumption, or prosperity leanings, that I was warned might accompany this perspective.  In fact, Dr. Wallnau spent an entire session teaching the necessity of conquering the “Me Mountain” before attempting any of the others.  This included dying to oneself (it’s not for your kingdom, but His; it’s not for your benefit, but others), and emulating the humility of Christ.  Os Hillman (our host), and all the secondary speakers that I heard, were clearly pursuing these character values in their journeys.

The most encouraging thing about the conference was the call to go outside the workplace to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  There was also a more definitive connection made to community transformation.  Those of you that have been following our ministry will recognize that this is exactly what we have been hearing from the Lord:  Marketplace Leaders initiating and leading spiritual transformation in their communities.  It was encouraging to hear so many internationally recognized ministries and businesses singing the same song.  It was also helpful to hear their perspectives on leadership and transformation principles; and to see how they had affectively applied them.  One point that really hit home was the importance of intercession.  In response, we are stepping up our support of the Haralson County Intercessory Prayer Network, and other prayer ministries in West Central Georgia.  If you would like to learn more about the conference, you can visit their site at http://www.reclaim7mountains.com/.

inlight_logo_vert_2clr.jpgIn closing, I want to thank Chris Crawford and Doug McGukin for their help with the new logo, business cards and brochure.  We were able to use these at the conference, and I have begun distributing them to prospective Marketplace Leaders.  The website is still under construction, but should be complete soon.  In the meantime, I am approaching a few Marketplace Leaders in Haralson County with our full ministry model.  I am also working to complete the administrative tasks that seem to swell during this time of year. 

Please continue to pray for health, perseverance, wisdom and grace – that we would maximize every moment and meeting for His glory.     


Your Partner in Christ,