Dear Children of the Miracle Maker,


My family has experienced one of those miracles that most only get to read about.  The miracle began last week, when my nephew, Joshua Allen, fell from a third story window onto the concrete below.  He landed on his head.  He survived – the beginnings of a miracle.  Let me take you there.


Joshua’s family is stationed in Germany; his father, Jason, on deployment in Iraq.  There is no family to support and comfort the mother (my sister), Jenny.  But the Lord has seen fit to provide loving neighbors to look after Jane and Jacob; and a loving pastor to bring the His comfort – the miracle continues. 


Joshua is placed in a drug induced coma with a cracked skull, two hematomas, and two fractured vertebrae – breathing with the help of a ventilator.  On Saturday, his body and brain begin to swell.  The doctors discuss the possibility of a stint – or more invasive procedures.  Jenny receives a peace that passes all understanding – God’s miracle peace. 


Somehow, in the middle of a war, Jason is given leave to come home.  He and my parents arrive in Germany about the same time on Sunday morning – more miracle.  On the same day, the swelling stops and the doctor’s begin talking about reducing Joshua’s medication to see if he can breathe on his own – what is the Lord up to?


The answer – a complete miracle:  Joshua wakes up on Monday, recites the 23rd Psalm and watches Star Wars with his dad.  He recognizes colors and remembers how he fell – a nice little extra from God to answer the difficult (but necessary) questions of the police.  Joshua will be walking soon, per doctor’s orders, perhaps even today.  Joshua will heal without operation.  He will be going home to his baby sister and brother.  A family united by the miracle of Jehovah Rapha, through the stripes of His Son and the power of the Holy Spirit.


But this is not the end of the miracle.  The Lord always does more.  It’s like He wants to show that one who would destroy just what He can do in the opposite direction.  And there are things we have learned in the last 10 days that we need to consider.  I would like to capture those here, so that we will not forget.  But that’s for a latter entry.   


Right now, we just want to let the world know that we are awestruck by our awesome God.  We are captured by His love and the power of His grace.  We are caught short of words to describe our gratitude.  So we are taking every opportunity we can – including this blog – to bring Him glory through our praise.




Let us proclaim – it is true:  His eye is on the sparrow; and on little boys that we love.



Forever awestruck,