Today, I was taking a break in our sunroom – waiting for Beth to wake up from her nap (she’s still recovering from a very stressful school year) – when I got a notion to ask God if He had anything to say.  Well, the moment I closed my eyes and asked the question, a bird slammed into one of the windows.  Thankfully for the bird, we have screens on our windows.  As I watched him find the nearest branch to get over his embarrassment and recover from the near concussion, I wondered if this was coincidence.  So, I asked God.  Guess what – another bird slammed into a window on the other side of the sunroom – right by my head.  Is that weird, or what?

Remembering that there are no coincidences for God’s children, I quickly (being thoughtful of other birds in the area) asked Him to show me what this was all about.  After all, I had asked for the conversation.  What else could I do? 

Boy, I hope this doesn’t offend any bird loving children of God.  What would the PETA people think?  Can I get through this without having to answer the “Why would God get your attention this way?” questions and challenges.  Maybe not.  Anyway…

God gave me two things to share with you.  No, not because there were two birds with sore heads; although, the bird population around the house might be relieved that there weren’t ten things.  There I go – off track again.  Man, it’s hot around here; I better get some tea. 

I’m back.  On to the two things:

Thing one:  There may be people close enough to you to let you see into their lives, but afraid to let you in.  Don’t beat your head against the window.  Wait for them to open the door and invite you.  Be patient…and ask God for guidance.

Thing two:  There are people that are free (i.e., walking in Truth’s freedom) that will beat their heads silly to get into a place of captivity.  “Let’s have a little fun in here.  Maybe there’s something to eat.”  Hopefully, once they’ve hit their heads a time or two, their embarrassment will keep them for ever trying it again. 

Of course, that’s not always the case.  Have you ever seen a bird that has flown into an enclosed place?  When our sunroom was a screen porch, birds would get in once or twice a year.  I’ve never had one find its way out.  But wait long enough and it will have a panic attack and fall to the floor.  Hopefully, the cat won’t be around to pounce on it.  Hopefully, it will not have died of a fear induced heart attack. 

These people need brothers and sisters in Christ that will warn them of the danger – “There’s a cat (i.e., prowling lion) in there, you knuckle-head” – and help them find their way out (even if they have the audacity to ignore our warning).  Remember, they may live to warn someone we are especially close to.  We’re all in this together.

So, there are my two things.  With apologies to all animal lovers, I must say that it is really cool to hear from God.  He does speak, you know.  And He will get your attention in the most unusual ways.


Hoping your summer is full of adventure,