People of His Story,

We all have a story – past, present and future.  Each one is different, like a fingerprint.  Some are sad.  Others are tragic.  I know quite a few people that would say they have lived a good life.  But very few live what would be called adventurous lives.  You know, those lives that most of us only wish for or dream about.  We admire those that have the courage to strike out, against odds and advice, to discover their adventure. 

The vast majority of my favorite movies are about adventures.  Here are a few:

  • A little girl enters a strange world (this isn’t Kansas), stands up to, and eventually washes away evil; and leave heart, courage, brains and joy in her wake.
  • A fellowship turns the tide in the Third Great Battle for Middle Earth.  I prefer to call them the Fellowship for the King.
  • Four children join the King of the Forest to melt away winter’s hold on Narnia (he’s not safe, but he is good).
  • William Wallace will not give up while there is still a hope of freedom for his kinsman; and they find it.

Each of the stories moves me, very deep in my heart.  They make my eyeballs sweat, if you know what I mean.  The same story line is found throughout the history of God’s people:

  • Gideon, Ester and Mordecai, Joshua and Caleb, David and his might men, Jesus, Paul and the disciples;
  • Luther, Wesley, Whitfield and Finney;
  • So many unknowns in China, Indonesia and Africa.

Wrapped up in God’s story, all were appointed and anointed to lead a transformation of the children of God… and their communities and countries were transformed in the process.  They were all God’s adventurers.

They did not do it alone, but someone had to lead.  Someone had to trust and obey.  Someone had to take a chance on God.  As a result, their stories will be told forever in eternity.

Hopefully, our story – the story of the American Church – will end as well or better.  At this point, it’s hard to imagine it getting any worse.  But God has not given up on us, and:

…the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.                                                              2 Chronicles 16:9

I’ve been blessed to see God showing Himself strong for the American Church in two particular streams and groups.  One of those is in teenagers and young adults, through the House of Prayer movement.  The other is in His commission of Marketplace Leaders to the spiritual transformation of their communities.  Both of these are worldwide movements that are beginning to take hold in America.  There is hope.

So, how about your story?  What adventure has God marked out for you?  Are you enjoying a season of spiritual transformation?  If not, you may be missing the last great outpouring of God grace on this country.  The general consensus:  We are in the very end times.  Whether this is true or not, why miss a move of God?  Why not embrace the transforming power of God in your life?    

Yes, even your story could end in adventure!!!

The fact is, God has not invited us to an adventure that transforms….He has commanded it.  I’ll have more about this in my next post.  In the meantime, begin praying for God to show you the purpose and the adventure He has carefully planned for you; and begin praying for the courage to step into His story.

Your humble servant and adventure guide,