mountain-climbers_11Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

2009 promises to be an exciting year – a year full of challenge, opportunity and adventure. The Lord has promised to let His people know what He is doing in the earth; and He is speaking to many. I’ve taken it upon myself to ask those I know, with a proven ear for His word, what He is saying to them about the next year (or two). As you read, keep in mind that not every word from God is for everyone. You will have to seek the Lord for confirmation that they are for you; and seeking the Lord is one thing you really, really, really need to be doing in 2009. Here are some encouraging words:

  1. Be bold and single-minded, praying – in belief – from the Word of God (the apostolic prayers are a good place to start).
  2. Be a forerunner (from the International House of Prayer; check it out at
  3. Go where the Lord has the most use for me.
  4. God is great and I do not know Him – separate from the world.
  5. The glory of God and the goodness of God are reflected in Jesus Christ – behold Him daily.
  6. 2009 is a year for doing – executing in the faith we have been given.
  7. Clear out the spiritual, emotional and physical clutter – the distractions of this world.
  8. 2009 is a year of great opportunity for the kingdom of God – a year of “more”.
  9. Reckon the preparation complete and don’t be surprised, or dismayed, by the form or size of the opportunities that God places in from of you.

The general theme is for all God’s children to get separate from the world, focus on the Father’s will, seek Him for each day’s assignment, and go for it passionately. It is my personal conviction that this general theme and the last encouragement, in particular, applies to every Marketplace Leader in this country. Now is the time for those in positions of influence, authority and relationship with God, to minister the truth into the lives of those around and under you. Trust God to give you the truth that will set people free.

May you be blessed with the love of the Father, the grace of His Son and the power of the Holy Spirit, to impact your sphere of influence for His kingdom, His glory and His name’s sake.


Your partner and servant,