One of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits was “I Walk the Line”. If I remember right, it was about being faithful to his wife. I’ve heard that he struggled with that. I want to talk to you about another “line” – a line that we all struggle to walk. It too is about faith, but faith with Another.

I suggest to you that there is a line to which God has called each of us. This line is the edge of the faith that He has given us for this season in our lives. It is the line a business owner walks when he unabashedly runs his business by Biblical principles – even closing on Sundays. It is the line a church walks when it sells its facility so it can invest more in the poor and needy (check out It is the line a family walks when it steps out of this American Dreamland to the Middle East mission field – investing more in the Kingdom than in themselves.

This line is not the same for everyone. Some are called to more – and are given more grace to go there. I encourage you to seek the line God has for you. When you find that line you will find the center of His will for your life. He promises that if you will seek it with all your heart, you will find it.

Another of Johnny Cash’s hits was my first favorite song – “Ring of Fire”. One of the few memories I have of my Granddaddy is sitting with him in the car listening to that song. I was about five. Isn’t it funny how our thoughts string together? Johnny’s “Ring of Fire” was love. And now I’m thinking of a Tate song, “Fire of Love”.

Go ahead. You run with that!!