“I’m diving in. I’m going deep.
In over my head I want to be.
Caught in the rush; lost in the flow; in over my head I want to go.
The river’s deep; the river’s wide; the river’s water is alive.
So sink or swim. I’m diving in!”

This song (Diving In by Stephen Curtis Chapman) inspired me the first time I heard it, and it continues to do so. God has used the mental picture of this river to reveal things He desires for me: Finding the flow of His purpose in my life; drowning (aka, dying to myself) by breathing in the Holy Spirit; lost in the river of His love; out of control in the center of His will for my life.

“There is a supernatural power
In this mighty river’s flow.
It can bring the dead to life
And it can fill an empty soul.
And give a heart the only thing

This river is powerful, deep and wild. What an awesome and wonderful place to be!!! Even now, my emotions well up in me at the thought of knowing and experiencing God there. Have you ever been there? Have you ever been there only to find yourself back on the bank? Here’s some thoughts about that:

First, there are some well meaning (and not so) people on the bank encouraging us back to the shore. They throw us “lines” of reason in an attempt to save us from the dangers of the river’s wildness. Having refused their reasonableness, they encourage us to at least find a depth where we can stand on our own two feet. Beware the compromise!

Second, between the middle of the river and the shore are many dangers: Eddies that will spin us into confusion; rocks, stumps and fallen trees that will injure our spirits; and mud bottoms – the mire we have already been lifted out of. And those serpents that hang from the overhanging trees. There are more dangers than we can see. Jesus warned against looking back. Don’t even consider it!

Lastly, I want to suggest that finding a place to get back in the deep will be more difficult. The same eddies, rocks, etc. await those trying to gradually “go deep”. You may have to go back and find the bridge where you first dove in. You may have to fight through the wilderness until you come to the next opportunity. Whichever the path, your best ending will be a diving in!

Of course, the best course is to dive in and stay there – enduring until the drowning is complete and you are filled with the life that is the river of God.

“But we will never know the awesome power
Of the grace of God,
Until we let ourselves get swept away
Into this holy flood.”

One final word: Wherever you find yourself, God has grace to cover you and every mistake you have made. He knew all along where you would resist, succumb to fear and wander. He has made provision for it all. Confess (agree with Him) – He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and deliver us from all unrighteousness.

“So if you’ll take my hand,
We’ll close our eyes and count to three.
And take the leap of faith.
Come on let’s go!”

Your diving buddy,