I have two sisters – Nan and Jenny. They each have a husband – Bobby and Jason – my brothers-in-law (and brothers in Christ). They have eight children among them – Andrew, Rachel, Rebekah, Hannah, Lydia, Joshua, Jane and Jacob. Beth and I have two children – Sarah and Matthew. Ten children – all grandchildren of Bobby and Nancy Streetman – my Mom and Dad. I am so proud of my family. They love the Lord so very much.

But the purpose of this post is to communicate how particularly proud we are of the ten children – and how thankful I am for the Christ in their hearts. I am proud (and excited) for them because they have responded to the Lord’s prompting to give a portion of their Christmas bounty to someone in need. They have decided to combine the money that would have been spent on presents from their Aunts/Uncles; that it would make an impact for God’s glory and kingdom.

That’s it – two gifts per child. It doesn’t seem like much in the grand scheme of things. But to those that will receive their love (His love), it will mean more than we can imagine. To the Lord, their sacrifice carries a sweet aroma.

He is already doing something more with their example. Others are joining the cause. Yes, love is contagious. There is now enough money to create three fish ponds in a third world country. We almost have enough to dig a well in India. Imagine that: Providing clean water for an entire village; all from the obedient hearts of ten children.

Christmas has come!! The King has come to the stables of our hearts. But they are no longer stables, but the dwelling places of Love. Oh, what God might do if we all would love like children.

Thank you Andrew, Rachel, Rebekah, Hannah, Lydia, Joshua, Jane, Jacob, Sarah and Matthew. Thank you for the blessing of your sacrifice.

Merry Christmas,

Your Aunts and Uncles