Just the other day, I heard a man praying.  In his prayer, he thank the Lord for a new day – a day that had never existed.  That got me to thinking.

Each and every day is more of God creating; and in it He is orchestrating events that will eventually accomplish all that He purposes to do – from the smallest blessing to the restoration of all He lost in the Fall of Man.  If I take the time to pray in the morning, I give myself the opportunity to be involved in His work (and know that I am).  If I wait to pray later, then the best I can do is try and figure out if I was involved (and what effect it had on me).

As they say in business, getting in on the ground floor of an idea is the most advantageous position.  Getting in on God’s plan for the day is exponentially more important.  The adventure is so much more exciting (and less fearful) when I know I am travelling with my Guide.

Your servant and His,