Finding His Plan for Each Day

If I am living my life in Christ, then the work is not something I must do as much as it is an expression of living – an opportunity to live my life in Him. In the past, my response to tasks that make me uncomfortable or seem particularly difficult has been to procrastinate. This is my conditioned response from years of living my own life.

But I have exchanged my life for Another; and the mind of Christ tells me that I will find peace, joy and fulfillment in everything He has called me to do. It is not a matter of convincing myself that this is true. My freedom comes in recognizing the truth and choosing to walk in it. As I respond in this way, the blessings of being in step with the Holy Spirit eventually alter my conditioning (renewing my mind).

Understanding this, one can see the importance of opening the day in God’s presence. He has a perfect plan for the day – a plan that includes me. I want to get my plan from Him. It is a wise and profitable practice to bring our calendars into His presence humbly – recognizing (even hoping) that He has different and new ideas. This empowers my reconditioning in my knowing that every task is a part of His plan for me; and I will find more of His life in each of them.

This does not necessarily mean that I come to Him with a blank calendar. Scheduling our time is an unavoidable consequence of working with others in a time bound world. Planning is not a sin. However, if we will plan each day with Him, our entire calendar will become His – as will every moment of our lives.