If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.  By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.                                       John 15:7-8

To those that abide in Christ, and Whose word abides in them, at least four very important things are promised (and many others, by reference):

  1. “…you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.”
  2. “My Father is glorified…”
  3. “…you bear much fruit…”
  4. “…you will be My disciples.”

What does it mean to abide? If I don’t know the meaning, how can I expect the resulting promises to be manifest in my life? The problem is that no matter how hard I try to wrap my mind around it, I always have a lingering suspicion that the meaning – and consequently, its application – has eluded me.

“Abide” is one of those mystery words. And like all of the kingdom’s mysteries (e.g., faith, hope, love), I have to let the meaning come alive in my heart first. I have to believe. It is only then that it can make me free, renew my mind and transform me into the very same image as Christ.

So in this exercise it is important to invite the Holy Spirit to speak into your heart the meaning of abide. The Lord promises that if we seek, we will find. Let Him know you are seeking a deeper understanding as you search out the meaning. Surrender to His work in your heart, mind, soul and strength.


It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter. Search out the matter by reading and meditating on the following definitions and Scripture references. Look for the understanding in your heart, not your head. As you are “inspired”, know that this is faith rising – faith that requires work to remain alive.

Abide (menō): to remain; in reference to place, to sojourn, tarry, not to depart (to continue to be present, to be held, kept, continually); in reference to time, to continue to be, not to perish, to last, endure (of persons, to survive, live); in reference to state or condition, to remain as one, not to become another or different; to wait for, await one. BlueLetterBible.com Outline of Biblical Usage

From Vine’s Expository Dictionary

Abide, Abode: used

(a) of place, e.g., Mat 10:11, metaphorically 1Jo 2:19, is said of God, 1Jo 4:15; Christ, Jhn 6:56; 15:4, etc.; the Holy Spirit, Jhn 1:32,33; 14:17; believers, Jhn 6:56; 15:4; 1Jo 4:15, etc.; the Word of God, 1Jo 2:14; the truth, 2Jo 1:2, etc.;

(b) of time; it is said of believers, Jhn 21:22, 23; Phl 1:25; 1Jo 2:17; Christ, Jhn 12:34; Hbr 7:24; the Word of God, 1Pe 1:23; sin, Jhn 9:41; cities, Mat 11:23; Hbr 13:14; bonds and afflictions, Act 20:23;

(c) of qualities; faith, hope, love, 1Cr 13:13; Christ’s love, Jhn 15:10; afflictions, Act 20:23; brotherly love, Hbr 13:1; the love of God, 1Jo 3:17; the truth, 2Jo 1:2.

Endure, Enduring:

“to abide,” is rendered “to endure” in the AV of Jhn 6:27; 1Pe 1:25 (RV, “abideth”); Hbr 10:34, AV, “enduring (substance),” RV, “abiding.”


“to stay, abide,” is frequently rendered “to remain,” e.g., Mat 11:23; Luk 10:7; Jhn 1:33, AV (RV, “abiding”); 9:41 (in 15:11, the best texts have the verb to be, see RV); 15:16, AV (RV, “abide”); 19:31; Act 5:4 (twice), RV, “whiles it remained, did it (not) remain (thine own)?;” 27:41; 1Cr 7:11; 15:6; 2Cr 3:11, 14; 9:9, AV (RV, “abideth”); Hbr 12:27; 1Jo 3:9.

Stand (Noun and Verb), Standing, Stood:

“to abide, remain,” is rendered “might stand,” in Rom 9:11, of the purpose of God, i.e., might abide for the permanent recognition of its true character.


“to abide,” is translated by the verb “to abide,” in the RV, for AV, “to tarry,” in Mat 26:38; Mar 14:34; Luk 24:29; Jhn 4:40; Act 9:43; 18:20; the RV retains the verb “to tarry” in Jhn 21:22, 23; in Act 20:5, AV, “tarried” (RV, “were waiting”). Some mss. have it in Act 20:15 (AV, “tarried”).