468004097_56ada21d4a_mGod is raising up an army of Marketplace Leaders. These men and women will become transformation agents and disciple makers that will impact their communities in many incredible ways. Marketplace Leaders are, after all, the most influential members for the church of our Lord Jesus Christ in this season of desperate need.

inLight Consulting is one of many ministries that have been given responsibility for the spiritual development of Marketplace Leaders in business, government, education, medicine, etc. The opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God are real; and they are significant. Consider for a moment the numbers of people that these Marketplace Leaders touch every day. Each relationship (e.g., employees, customers, partners, suppliers) represents a disciple making, transformation opportunity.

With this in mind, it is important to recognize the challenges these leaders face in their attempts to apply the truth in the dynamic environments of the marketplace:

  1. They must operate within the business, education and governmental systems of man.
  2. Satan has filled the Marketplace with various spirits of deception and oppression.
  3. God’s ways are a mystery – requiring an ever increasing trust and obedience.
  4. God does not make cookie cutter disciples, and His plans are diverse and dynamic.

As the Lord allows, I intend to speak to each of these challenges in the weeks ahead. For now, let us consider the playing field.

Imagine that there is a line drawn across the playing field. It is a hard line that most dare not cross; for, if we were to cross that line, we would be “in trouble” with the law. For large companies and government organizations, this line is well defined by policy and procedure. For smaller companies and organizations the line is a bit less defined. We will call this line “World’s Boundary”.

Now, consider another line. This line we will call “Faith’s Edge”. This is the line God has established in the faith He has given us for this season in our lives. To walk on Faith’s Edge is to walk in the perfect will of God for our lives. Faith’s Edge is not a fixed, permanent line. It moves as we lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of us (Philippians 3:12).

There are two questions I leave you with today:

  1. Are the “World’s Boundary” and “Faith’s Edge” related or dependent on each other in your life? If so, how?
  2. Where are you walking in relation to each of these lines?

God bless you with power and grace as witnesses of His Son’s sacrifice and resurrection.

Have a strong day in the Lord,