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Are you a leader Christian Leader in the Marketplace? Then God has called you to be a disciple maker and transformation agent in your spheres of influence. He has invested influence and authority in you, for His kingdom. I know: It’s not easy to be a Christian Leader in the work place. Let me help you through The Adventure Guide to Joyful Spirit-filled Ministry.

This is the final week to subscribe. It is *FREE*. For those that want to go a step beyond subscribing, there are still slots open for those that are READY FOR AN ADVENTURE. Read the following for more details.

In keeping with our mission to encourage, edify and equip Marketplace Leaders, we are offering The Adventure Guide to Joyful, Spirit-filled Ministry. You are invited to join me in this free disciple making, transformational search for God’s purpose, plan and power for ministry in your sphere of influence. I encourage you to use this study for your personal journey and as a resource with those you are discipling.

Here are the links to the Preface, Introduction and first three modules:

Preface – Our Desire, Mission and Appreciation

Introduction – Study Overview and Format

The Marketplace Mission – God has a mission for the Marketplace; and He has a purpose in it for every Marketplace Leader.

Searching Out the Matter – In this module, we will begin the incredible adventure of searching out the vast mysteries of God’s kingdom.

Renewing Your Mind – Reckoning God’s truth as our own makes us free, renews our minds and transforms us to walk in the “greater than” works of God.

This free study will be “published” in 26 weekly modules via Email imbedded links to our website resources page. We will also notify our Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections; and post the links at the inLight Adventure Blog. I hope and pray the Lord will encourage you to forward this to others that will be blessed in finding joyful, Spirit-filled ministry. This is our heart’s desire.

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I am also offering to share in this adventure with the first twelve Marketplace Leaders that express an interest (five have, so far). We will do this virtually via your choice of social media. This includes answering your questions and challenges about the lesson, and commenting on your responses to the assignments. If you are interested, respond to this email with “I AM READY FOR AN ADVENTURE” in the subject line.

Your servant and His forever,