Reach OutHere is some great news for Marketplace Leaders:  The God of the Bible is a process-oriented problem solver.  That’s right – It’s Great News!  First, consider His qualifications.

All of God’s creation operates in process – from birth to death, and everything in between.  Every day is filled with process:  Taking a shower, making coffee, facilitating a meeting, etc.  Granted, some of God’s processes are more mysterious than others, like getting us to work on time, building a strong management team, and our own development as Marketplace Leaders.

But make no mistake about it:  Give God a problem and He will give you a process to solve it.  The Bible is His story – the grand process that He is orchestrating to get back what was lost in the Garden.  In the process, we are being processed (no pun intended) through salvation, sanctification and transformation.  God has a process for every problem.

Regrettably, we have become an event-focused people.  If it isn’t happening now, it just isn’t happening.  “What have you done for me today?” has become our measure.   This degraded perspective is destroying our businesses and our communities.  The urgent has taken over the important.  It is time we bucked the trend.

Marketplace Ministry Tip:  Consider your day as a process, not a random collection of events.  Notice how one meeting connects with the next.  Force yourself to consider the process that each task impacts.  Then step back further.  Consider the week, month and quarter.  Come on, you can do it!

As you consider the processes of your life, you will discover more than a few problems.  That’s okay because the greatest process-oriented problem solver known to mankind desires to show Himself strong on behalf of those that are loyal to Him.  Include Him in the processes of your day.  You will not find a more concerned and powerful consultant.