Multi-ethnic pile of handsI hope by now that you have discovered the desire of your heart – that passion or burden that God placed in you for this season of your life.  It may be funding missions, returning prayer to a local school, or developing a new product that will better serve your customers and create jobs for those that need them.  It can be just about anything.  God is that creative and dynamic.

Remember, that desire becomes His purpose when you surrender to it.  And whatever that desire becomes, you can be sure it will require more of you than you’ve got to give.  Such an assignment from God will require your transformation, and the transformation of your business.

The Greek word for transformation is metamorphoo (one of my favorites).  It reminds me of caterpillars and butterflies.  Have you ever cut open a cocoon?  I haven’t, but I hear it’s pretty messy in there.  The transformation of a person (or a business) is no different.  And it is no less a work of God.

So here’s the good news:  If you are feeling like a caterpillar being turned into a butterfly, take heart.  The experience is normal, and you are not alone.  As they say, misery loves company.  More important, and more true:  Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety (Proverbs 11:14).  Nothing replaces misery better than a mission (aka, desire).  And we were made to do mission together.

The bad news?  If you haven’t experienced transformation yet, you will.  Or, should you choose to fight it, you will continue being a caterpillar until another cold snap takes you out.  Who wants to be a part of that?  Stubborn or fearful caterpillars, that’s who.

Marketplace Ministry Tip:  Don’t join the company of miserable, frozen caterpillars.  Be strong and of good courage.  Embrace transformation.  And don’t be metamophoo’ed alone.  Find a group of peer professionals that can help you navigate the journey, in the quickest and most profitable way.  If you desire to join such a group, contact me at for more information.