iStock_000014671877SmallI like to ride my bicycle. Riding keeps me healthy. It takes me where I like to be: Outdoors. Even so, I wouldn’t ride my bicycle as much as I do if the Lord did not meet me there. God speaks to me on my rides; and I am sure He listens to my prayers. He has been gracious to teach me lessons when we are out riding together.

On October 11, 2013, I suffered the most painful lesson while riding my bicycle. Climbing a hill at the end of a particularly challenging ride, I allowed my front wheel to get off the road. Had I been going faster, I could have rolled into the grass until I regained control; but, I just didn’t have the momentum for that.

There was no place to go but over. Not over the handle bars; but, over into the road. That’s right, I fell over. It must have looked funny. I wish the result had been, but my hip took the brunt of the impact. Three screws and three months later, I am slowly getting back to riding my bicycle on the roads of Douglas County, Georgia. Here’s a few things God taught me through the experience:

  1. Stay focused: Because I was tired, because I was near the end, and because the way had become difficult, I lost focus on the fundamentals; in this case, staying in the road. A wiser man would have sharpened his focus to ensure a safe and effectual end to the ride. The same can be said for our journeys in life, particularly when God is using them to transform us (2Corinthians 3:18). As we come to the end of the transformation process, the enemies of our soul are looking for every opportunity to distract us from the prize at the end of our “ride”. We must stay focused – beholding the glory of the Lord to the very glorious end of the journey.
  2. Prepare to protect yourself: Accidents happen quickly. It only took a moment for my hip to hit the asphalt. There was no time to think about avoiding the impact. Clipping out with my left foot was not something I had practiced. Consequently, it was not something my nervous system had been trained to do. In life, it is good practice to know your weaknesses, and learn, from God, how to overcome them. For example, what should be your reflexive action when the wrong thing accidently shows up on your computer screen?
  3. Call for the right help: Naturally, my first call from the side of the road was to my wife. I needed her to take me to the emergency room. Getting in and out of the car was more painful than the impact. I should have called for an ambulance (as she suggested). When we fall (e.g., into temptation), our first cry should be to the One that can best help us. He is the most qualified to deal with our injury. He faced and overcame every temptation known to man. Furthermore, He is the only One that can restore us.
  4. God works all things to our good: Twelve weeks of recovery was not my plan for the end of 2013, but God used that time to use me to finish The Map Maker, a book we had been working on since inLight Consulting was established. By His grace, I recognized that this was His way for working the accident to my good. By His grace, I was able to focus my attention on finishing the manuscript (which is now with a publisher). By His grace, I will stay focused on the journey to full recovery.

Every child of God is blessed with challenging journeys. I pray that, as you grow tired, your focus will be renewed; that you will finish well, and receive the full transformation the Holy Spirit is working in you.

Humbly yours and forever His,

Rob Streetman

President, inLight Consulting, Inc.