ClocksMany Marketplace Leaders are suffering from lives that are way out of balance. My experience has been that companies, even the ones we own, will allow us to work as hard and as long as we want. And there is more than a few human natures that encourage us in that direction (e.g., ego, wealth, power). This has become so common, we seem to have accepted it as normative behavior.

You might be thinking, “Tell me something I haven’t already heard.” I know. This is nothing new; and I do not want to load your already chaotic lives with guilt. That is not the point here. The point is that unbalanced living is not normal, and it is not necessary. There is something you can do to begin the journey back to joyful, abundant living.

Let’s start with a motivational reality check (the truth will make you free):

Marketplace Leaders have been given authority and influence for a purpose greater than their profession and position. Our value to God, family and community is inhibited when we allow our vocation to become our self-defining purpose. As important as our companies and careers are, we are equally responsible to the other areas of our lives. When we allow one area to dominate the rest, all of them will eventually suffer.

Now that you are rightly motivated, it is time to seek God for vision; for where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18). Our lives have become far too complicated for us to find our way by stumbling around in the dark. What difficult thing have you ever done successfully without a vision of success?

Marketplace Ministry Tip: To find the balanced life we must be balanced in our vision. Begin by asking God to give you a vision for health in every area of your life. At a minimum, you should have a vision statement for each of the following areas: your family life, your personal life, your spiritual life, and your community life. Do this prayerfully, asking the Lord for direction, wisdom and the strength to press into the abundant (and balanced) life He has promised. Let me know how I can help.

Your servant and His forever,