Christian leaders in the Marketplace have lost their identity. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you saw the royal priesthood in action? How about a temple of God being, well, a temple of God? Smelled the aroma of Christ lately? Where are the “greater than” works that Christ promised for those who believe?

We have been deceived about our identity in God’s story. Like the man in James epistle, we have forgotten who we are. This is particularly important for Marketplace Leaders, for without a true sense of identity, we are additionally deceived about our authority and influence. Consequently, we are inadequately prepared to lead the implementation of God’s plans in the Marketplace.

Sadly, most Christians have allowed the world to define their identity. From well-intentioned parents, teachers and pastors, to mean-spirited oppressors, controllers and bullies, we have heard and accepted an identity that is much lower than our Creator intends. Of course, Satan is behind much of this. He is conspiring with our carnal nature, suggesting that we settle for less.

Finding and keeping our identity is one of the most challenging and critical battles we will face. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy had no idea of their importance in the battle for Narnia until they discovered that they were the kings and queens. Like them, it is time we discovered who we are – not for ourselves, but for God’s glory and the advancement of His kingdom in the Marketplace. His plan is dependent on our participation in the full identity and influence we have been given.

Marketplace Ministry Tip: Ask yourself, “From whom am I drawing my identity?” Set aside (at least for a moment) the titles and positions this world has given you. Now, recognizing that you are a citizen of another kingdom, ask your King to identify you. Search the Bible for the common and special identities given to the children of the King (e.g., disciple, bondservant, ambassador, king, priest, teacher, and evangelist). Consider their meaning in relation to your leadership in the Marketplace. Surrender to the Lord making you the Marketplace Leader He intends. For help, check out Identity and Influence.