Old Watch MechanismNot everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Albert Einstein

Have you thought about measurement, lately? Successful companies measure themselves. Without measurement, there would be no controls; without controls, there would be no improvement. Generally speaking, measuring business success factors is a good thing. But let me warn you, measuring is not always good.

  1. When we hold on to measures too long and they no longer match our goals and objectives, our employees and partners will become confused about what’s important.
  2. When we misrepresent our measures to make ourselves and others more comfortable or impressed, we expose a lack of integrity – jeopardizing our company’s viability in the marketplace.
  3. When we over-focus on one area (or measure the wrong thing) to the detriment of others, we lose sight of all that is important and risk becoming imbalanced in our company performance and production.
  4. When our measures become our motivators and we lose what got us in the business in the first place, we risk losing the very life of our company.

This last item is the most damaging and should be avoided at all cost. Like the athlete that pushes too hard for just one more hundredth of a second, pulls a hamstring and misses the big race, companies (and people) can become unhealthy if measures take precedent over the desire to create value in a God honoring way. Vision and mission will always be more powerful motivators than measurements. Let’s use our tools wisely.

Marketplace Ministry Tip: Evaluate the measures you are using for your company, your personal/family life and your spiritual journey. Evaluate the purpose of your measures. Are they to motivate, or measure progress? Make the necessary adjustments. Contact me for more information at rob@inlightconsulting.com.

Your servant and His forever,