Reach OutExpectations can be powerful motivators. Many of us are driven by the expectations of others. As leaders in the Marketplace, we have been trained to anticipate, discover, understand and respond to the expectations of those in authority over us. This is one of the main reasons we are in leadership positions ourselves – we responded well to the expectations of others.

As we mature in our faithful following of Jesus Christ, we may attempt to apply the same perspective. We may seek – with increasing diligence – to know what He expects. Let me suggest to you that there is a better way to think; a way closer to the heart of God.

To ask, “What does Jesus expect of me?” is not exactly wrong, but it is not exactly right, either. My point hinges on our use of the word “expect”. You see, that word, and all it means, comes up short of the relationship He has in mind; a relationship bound by desire.

In a worldly sense, expectations are contractual. If I meet the expectations of my boss, I will, in turn, expect a raise. If I continue to pay my house note (and my property taxes), I will expect to continue living in my house. If I study for a test, I can expect to do well. You get the idea.

To have such a relationship with Jesus Christ – to think about our relationship with Him in this way – leads to high-mindedness; putting us in some equal place with the Lord. Ironically, it also has a way of separating us to our designated sides of the expectation. Furthermore, as we will discover, it is a manner of being conformed to this world – inhibiting our transformation.

Certainly, none of us would do this intentionally. On the other hand, we are wise to be suspicious of what Satan and our flesh might do to deceive us in this area. I encourage you to not be so naïve.

So, let’s us start asking, “What does Jesus desire for me?” That is much closer to the truth of His desire for our relationship with Him. Desires run deeper than expectations. Desires are expressed from the heart. When His desires become our own, we are bound with Him in the center of our being – we are heart-tied with our Lord.

It is amazing what the exchange of two words can accomplish. Purposefully thinking (and talking) from the mind of Christ renews our own. Doing so will change the way you work and lead others in the Marketplace. You will find that it is more profound – and more for you – than you have imagined.

Humbly yours and His forever,