Bird Cage“Nothing to Lose; Nothing to Hide; Nothing to Prove; Nothing to Fear.” Twelve Words that will Change Your Life and Business Forever, Ray Hilbert, President of Truth@Work

What encouraging words to make us free! Freedom! It is one of the greatest things God offers in calling out Marketplace Leaders; yet it is one of the most difficult to appropriate. So, for this month’s tip, let’s explore the truths of these words; truths that promise to make us free.

Nothing to Lose – The truth is God has the power to raise up and shut down businesses in a moment; and He is not beyond doing just that. When we truly reckon this to be true, our minds will be renewed to think about our responsibilities as owners, executives and professionals. We will be more interested to hear and understand His plans, than trying to work out our own. We will be free from the fear of loss.

Nothing to Hide – Let’s face it: If we have something to hide, then we have a bigger problem; for we have a problem with God. Our problem with Him is either the sin we are trying to hide from others, or it is an issue of pride. When we come across something we are trying to hide, we should recognize the grace of God in the revelation. We have been made free from deception; and now free to repent, confess our sin and walk in deliverance (1John 1:9).

Nothing to Prove – Seeking to prove ourselves is the same as seeking glory from others. This issue of pride is much more dangerous (and the revelation more merciful) than the sin we may be hiding. Pride comes before a fall. The wise man will submit to the Holy Spirit rooting out the pride – being set free from the basest of sins. Furthermore, we must recognize that the “good work” we are created to walk in is more God’s work than our own (Ephesians 2:10; Matthew 5:16). Freedom comes when we are satisfied with the proof and glory that God shares with us, in His way and time.

Nothing to Fear – We have explored the issue of fear in previous tips. Let me know if you need to see them again. For now, let’s recognize that God provides the grace that we need to get and stay free of the fear of man. Jesus commanded that we should, instead, fear God. This too is a motivation and a means of freedom in our Father’s kingdom.

Marketplace Ministry Tip: Reckon these truths for yourself. Allow the Holy Spirit to use them to renew your mind and make you free. Use these truths to make free someone in your spheres of influence. Contact me, at, if I can be of assistance.


Humbly yours and His forever,