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I’ve just returned from ministering to Syrian refugees in Mafraq, Jordan. God had much to say to me there. Sitting down this morning to consider what I am thankful for, here’s what came out.

I am thankful that:

  1. I have not been tortured.
  2. I have not watched my infant die for lack of medical care due to war.
  3. I have not had my dreams ripped away from me because I am a young intelligent university student.
  4. I don’t have to wait for a doctor to fly 8000+ miles to treat my child.
  5. People don’t assume I am their enemy.
  6. My children had teachers that cared about them and their education.
  7. I have a home with more than three rooms.
  8. I know the ones I love have the choice to live in a safe environment for the rest of their lives.
  9. I am not prohibited from working because I come from another country.
  10. I can sleep through the night.
  11. My children do not suffer from PTSD.
  12. I don’t have paranoia about my children going outside to play.
  13. I have hope for what tomorrow will bring.
  14. I know where all my extended family lives, that they are safe, and I will get to see most of them this Thanksgiving season.
  15. I have not been forced to fire upon my friends and neighbors.
  16. I know the love of God; and, that if I suffer, He is with me.
  17. I experienced the sacrificial love of Jesus followers in Mafraq, Jordan; and the overflow of that love onto those that serve with them.
  18. God is long-suffering with the seekers of His kingdom that just don’t get it.
  19. The LORD’s mercies are new every morning; and He is working in us to will and do to His good pleasure.
  20. The truth will make us free; and Jesus will make His followers to become His disciples.

I hope and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Humbly yours and forever His,


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